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Seas After Sunset by RilwenShadowflame Seas After Sunset :iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 1 0
The Horror of the Dark
Finwë has known shadow in his life.
He has known the quiet peaceful shadows that bring only rest. He has known the waiting shadow of a world still waking itself to life.
And he has known the fearful shadow that creeps beyond the fire’s light, that steals away mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters and friends, from those who are left behind. Knowing that shadow, he has loved the light more dearly; he has treasured loved ones in Aman, knowing no shadow will deprive him as it deprived others.
Those born beneath the Light of the Trees have not known this shadow, but he is grateful for that. Even when they cannot understand him, he is grateful; their innocence, their happiness, their joy ever untainted by apprehension… these things are gifts.
They have always lived in light.
One day, the light goes out. The gold and silver radiance is extinguished, plunging all into shadow.
The people cry out in their fear, but Finwë is not
:iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 3 2
Beyond the Light - Vhaeraunite Hymn
I who wait beyond the light
I shall be the Hand of Night
(All masks be one
'til day be done)
See webs torn and webs unmade
Ended by the Shadow's Blade
(Their plots undone
The web unspun)
Blades in hand we stand and fight
Night Above is ours by right
(A Maskéd One
Shall fear no sun)
By our faith let shadows rise
Over all beneath the skies
(His will be done
For we are one.)
:iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 5 5
Did He Not Come Here
Fëanor asks it of all of them. Each new soul to walk within the Halls of Mandos is sought out and given his questions. He is brilliant and he is driven, and not knowing is a thing he cannot bear.
Even those who've had no cause to wish him well answer when they see the look in his eyes, the need to know the answer to his questions.
"Where is Macalaurë, also called Maglor? How fares my son?"
Always, they do not know. And always, always, they look to Maedhros as they ask, "Did he not come here with you?"
:iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 9 4
Always Deadly - Anelica for DemonAngelsDream by RilwenShadowflame Always Deadly - Anelica for DemonAngelsDream :iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 4 3
Watcher - a Mazarun and Rantel tale
Rantel has grown accustomed, more or less, to having his hearing back. He no longer needs to watch a speaker, to read their words from the movements of their mouth.
He watches Mazarun anyway. He watches Mazarun's lips shape each word. He watches Mazarun's hands, slender and graceful, as they add qualifying gestures to clarify whatever he's saying.
They got into the habit of signing their conversations and they've never entirely fallen out of it; even a spoken exchange is enhanced by signs that modify the meanings of what is said. Rantel prefers it that way; so many of the subtleties of signed speech are conveyed in the face and the body that it requires close attention. There is a connection there, an understanding that comes only with this kind of careful reading.
He doesn't have to face a speaker anymore, but he still appreciates the light touch on the arm with which Mazarun draws his attention before speaking. It's a gesture of such long standing that it
:iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 5 6
Mazarun Character Sheet for Contest
Name: Mazarun Zothyrr.
Age: In his eighties looks the equivalent of a human of eighteen.
Species: Drow.
Height: 5'5".
Eyes: Red.
Hair: White.
Skin: Jet-black.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Class: Fighter 6/Wizard 2/Warblade 2.
Appearance: Mazarun has a slim build, wiry of muscle rather than bulky. His face is sharp-featured, and delicate to the point of seeming almost feminine, with high cheekbones, a high forehead, and a pointed chin. Thin brows rise upward somewhat at the outer ends, over long-lashed red eyes, tilted upward at the corners in the elven fashion. His face is framed by two locks of hair that reach his collar-bones in length, while the rest of his hair comes to his waist. His back is marked by thin scars, hard to see from any great distance lines, all at different diagonal, vertical and horizontal angles, always in parallel pairs the marks of a snake-headed whip.
Gear: Mazarun tends to dress
:iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 3 3
A sentinel stands ready
A man armoured in white
A silent solemn figure
On guard against the night.
(He's young, so young
And his world was poor
He'd never had
This much food before.)
The helmet is forbidding
A stern and mighty mask
It makes him one of many
All doing the same task.
(He's not paid much
Or so some would say
But those back home
Will not starve, today.)
Imperial enforcer
For his Emperor's laws
Resolute and unflinching
Devoted to the cause.
(They told him things
A rallying cry
They taught him that
All Rebels must die.)
Together they are faceless
An endless stream of men
One falls? He's but a number
A place to fill again.
(He's young, so young
And he won't get old
For lies, he'll die
Doing what he's told.)
:iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 4 0
Hello, Pumpkin by RilwenShadowflame Hello, Pumpkin :iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 5 7
A Drow In Colours
Seaspray and silver
Moonlight and snow
Long shining locks
Ripple and flow.
Onyx and midnight
Shadow and jet
Dark lips are smiling
Subtly in threat.
Coral and rubies
Blood and the rose
Eyes full of secrets
Only he knows.
:iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 13 9
Mazarun 02 by DrowElfMorwen by RilwenShadowflame Mazarun 02 by DrowElfMorwen :iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 4 1 Mazarun by DrowElfMorwen by RilwenShadowflame Mazarun by DrowElfMorwen :iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 2 2 Lucy the Paladin by RilwenShadowflame Lucy the Paladin :iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 5 11
Wake The Night - Vhaeraunite Hymn
Sons of shadow, wake the night
Let the dark awaken
Dusk's embrace strengthens your might
Guides the dark paths taken.
Take up blade and shadow-mask
In the silence creeping
Turn toward the holy task
While all else is sleeping.
Ebon-masked ones, wake the night
Let the dark awaken
Set yourselves to stand and fight
Let the world be shaken.
:iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 12 9
Cronachan - Blue-Eyed Boy by RilwenShadowflame Cronachan - Blue-Eyed Boy :iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 3 2
The Rohirrim Ride Forth
Bold they ride and battle-ready
Swift the horses, stern the Men
Sounds of hooves like thunder rising
Who shall ride homeward again?
Gondor calls in hour of peril
Rohan answers, ever brave
Rohirrim ride, though each man knows
Journey's end may be the grave.
Forth they ride, the Eorlingas
War's horn calls to Rohan's Men
Bravely go they to the battle
Some shall not ride homeward again.
:iconrilwenshadowflame:RilwenShadowflame 8 2


Mazarun Portrait Commission by Siobhan68 Mazarun Portrait Commission :iconsiobhan68:Siobhan68 18 19 At the Ready - Mazarun for RilwenShadowflame by FlykyrSkysong At the Ready - Mazarun for RilwenShadowflame :iconflykyrskysong:FlykyrSkysong 5 6 Tolkien's Silmarillion - The stolen silmaril by Phobs Tolkien's Silmarillion - The stolen silmaril :iconphobs:Phobs 8,294 729 Commission- Dayn by Lilith-the-5th Commission- Dayn :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 7 9 Commission- Russell by Lilith-the-5th Commission- Russell :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 5 7 Commission- Rantel by Lilith-the-5th Commission- Rantel :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 21 13 Commission- Ivaela by Lilith-the-5th Commission- Ivaela :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 11 10 Commission- sleeping Mazarun by Lilith-the-5th Commission- sleeping Mazarun :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 40 22 Mazarun Zothyrr Commission by DrowElfMorwen Mazarun Zothyrr Commission :icondrowelfmorwen:DrowElfMorwen 12 14 I swear I don't like you by Cheesedemon88 I swear I don't like you :iconcheesedemon88:Cheesedemon88 17 14 Commission- Pellan by Lilith-the-5th Commission- Pellan :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 12 14 Commission- Nymatar by Lilith-the-5th Commission- Nymatar :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 14 18 Commission- Mourn by Lilith-the-5th Commission- Mourn :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 29 9 Commission- William by Lilith-the-5th Commission- William :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 13 11 Commission- Mazarun by Lilith-the-5th Commission- Mazarun :iconlilith-the-5th:Lilith-the-5th 72 17



The Vampiric Sith
Favourite genre of music: mainly rock, with a few others now and then
Operating System: Vista, much to my annoyance
MP3 player of choice: precious precious world-excluding iPod...
Wallpaper of choice: Various SW pics
I borrowed this from Mavrosh, who apparently found it somewhere else on the net.
Feel free to ignore it if this style of thing doesn't interest you, but here is the info for Maz.


FULL NAME: Mazarun (actually Maszaraun, but he's had the simplified version used for a long time) Zothyrr
MEANING: It really depends on the intonation/inflection - those change the meaning significantly. Depending on intonation you get anything from 'silver lover of the dance' to 'beautiful mate's life' and more.
NICKNAME: Mazar', from his full-blood sister only. Maz from a few. But if he doesn't like you enough to let you shorten his name, he will react badly.
ACTUAL AGE: 85-87 years, depending on continuity.
RESIDENCE: Menzoberranzan
AGE APPEARANCE: He looks the equivalent of a young adult human.
KIDS: None that he knows of for sure.
OCCUPATION: Fighter, adventurer.


HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Long in the back, reaching to his waist; a lock of hair on either side of his face kept separate, framing his face and reaching to his collarbones.
HEIGHT: 5'5".
ABNORMALITIES(TAIL): He has nothing that'd be abnormal for a drow...
DISTINGUISHING MARKS(SCARS,MOLES): His back has quite a number of thin scars here and there from the snake-headed whips of priesesses, but they're hard to see from any real distance.
SELF CARE(MAKE UP): He pays a lot of attention to his appearance; always keeping his hair combed if he can, using oils for his skin, making sure he's generally in the best condition he can manage.
FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Pretty-faced, but with attitude problems.
SKIN COLOR: Pitch black
BODY TYPE/BUILD: Slim but well-muscled (in a somewhat wiry way, rather than bulky)
DEFAULT EXPRESSION: Generally scowling or smirking.
DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: A rather light voice, very expressive
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Rapier and hand crossbow


..WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: Wary, assessing exactly how much of a threat you might be.
..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY LIKE YOU): Gradually opening up a bit, showing a bit more of who he is.
..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): Vicious mockery and frequent sarcasm.
POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Very loyal to those who earn it, reluctant to harm someone who's truly helpless.
NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Spiteful, vindictive - he'll go to great lengths to avenge a slight against him. Prideful, bitter, and has difficulty letting go of things.
FAVORITE COLOR: Red and black.
FAVORITE FOOD: Fish. Just don't ask him to share - he has a drow/elven system that accommodates raw meats more easily than a human's does.
FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: He's not that picky as long as it makes music.
FAVORITE ELEMENT: Fire. He can get nastily creative with fire.
LEAST FAVORITE COLOR: He doesn't really have one.
LEAST FAVORITE FOOD: Not sure - possibly things that are emergency food only.
LEAST FAVORITE ANIMAL: Spiders. He's always afraid the Spider Goddess will be looking through their eyes.
LEAST FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: Anything loud too close to him.
LEAST FAVORITE ELEMENT: Earth, but only in two areas - mud, and sand. Sand gets everywhere, and mud leaves him filthy.
HOBBIES: Training, more training, reading, finding people to either irritate or flirt with depending on his mood...
USUAL MOOD: Darkly sarcastic - mocking situations he's stuck in helps him deal with them.
DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: He steers clear of addictive things, but he'll have a drink now and then - he tries not to do anything to excess if he's anywhere that letting his guard down that way might be dangerous.
SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: Sometimes he gets a sentimental attachment to people who are kind/loyal to him - he tries to hide it because they could be used against him. On a physical level, those sensitive pointed ears.
OPINION ON SWEARING: He finds it a particularly satisfying way to vent, and has rather a lot of filthy words in his vocabulary, from multiple languages.
MUSIC TYPE: It varies - though he didn't expect to like some of the things he likes, because surface elven music appeals to him in ways that make him puzzled and at times a bit uneasy.
COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE: Warm - not too hot, not too cold.
SLEEPING PATTERN: He'll sleep whenever he finds time - he knows as a warrior that if you pass up the chance now, you might not have time later.
CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS: He definitely prefers to be clean.
DESIRED PET: He doesn't really want a pet, but sometimes he is adopted by stray creatures and can't bring himself to chase them off.
HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: Either in training, or in lounging around in as much luxury as he can arrange - in Menzoberranzan, this includes going to the massage houses to relax there.
BIGGEST SECRET: When he was a young child, his father was destroyed for being a heretic - he keeps very secret just how bitter about it he remains. He acts like it just taught him a lesson about what not to do, but truthfully he misses his father.
WHAT ANIMAL WOULD THEY BE: A cat. Aloof unless he wants affection.
FEARS: He fears having what little power he has taken from him. Necromancy and mind-controlling magic scare him - necromancy means someone could still hurt him even if death let him escape further physical attacks and could even enslave his spirit and will for a long time if not forever. Similarly, magics that could control his mind violate the only sanctuary he has left - his thoughts are the only place he thinks himself safe, and that kind of magic threatens that. He's used to physical threats, and isn't afraid of pain, but those two things he sees as far worse than physical.
DRUNK TYPE: It depends why he's getting drunk - if it was because of a bad mood he might be a surly drunk, but otherwise he might be a flirty or cheerful drunk.
SPECIAL ABILITIES/MAGICS: He has the innate magic of a nobleborn drow - spell-like abilities and such. He's also picked up a few wizard skills, which he uses to augment his fighting.
DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: In his eyes you don't get in trouble for what you do - you get in trouble for getting caught. And he hasn't got caught...


DANGER: Tension, readiness for action.
SOMEONE THEY HATE WHO HAS A CRUSH ON THEM: High wariness - if he hates someone it's for a reason, so he's likely to wonder if they'd even take no for an answer.
PROPOSAL TO MARRY: Confusion and puzzlement. Why would anyone want to marry him? If they wanted him they could just ask him to come to bed. It's how he sees it, at least.
DEATH OF LOVED ONE: Hidden but deep unhappiness, and a burning desire to avenge them if anyone caused it.
INJURY: Annoyance at himself for letting himself get hurt.
SOMETHING IRRESISTABLY CUTE: Trying not to admit it affects him, but looking at it a lot and being kind of distracted.
LOSS OF HOURS OF WORK: Swearing, possibly throwing things, then resignedly redoing whatever he was working on.


DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE: Unless the person outranks him, yes. (And almost all drow women outrank him, so...)
HOW DO THEY ACT(SHY,ETC): Either flirty with elaborate compliments, or hot and cold - concern for a person covered up with 'just being practical' excuses and so on - that's if he's getting emotionally attached and is having trouble understanding it in himself.
GENTLEMAN/LADYLIKE VS KLUTZY: Drow are not very gentlemanly, but he can be rather charming if he tries.
GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO: Either, depending on what he thinks of the person.
TRUE LOVE VS TESTING DIFF PEOPLE: He doesn't really understand love even if he might feel it - but going for different people isn't always about testing them. He's happy to like several people and just see them whenever they have free time and are near him when he's free.
WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY: Quirky little things; sometimes pretty treasures, or sometimes just things that seem to suit a person.
TYPE OF KISSER: A good one, but methods vary with his underlying mood. Sometimes he's the type to just give a person light, playful kisses and see what that teases them to do.
DO THEY WANT KIDS: Not particularly, but see the thing on pets; in at least one alternate continuity he has wound up with foster-children because they were there, needed looking after, and he couldn't let himself abandon them.
ARE THEY ROMANTIC: Not generally, no, but there are exceptions.
HOW ARE THEY IN BED: With priestesses, as obliging as they expect. With others... more willing to have a give-and-take of control depending how much he trusts them.
TOYS?: Why not?
FETISHES: None of any strength I know of, though with nondrow lovers he does have a fondness for seeing them blush - he likes that kind of evidence of the effect he's having.
S+M: Again, why not? But he has to really believe the person won't take the chance to betray him, unless they have the authority to simply expect it.
GET JEALOUS EASY: Not really, no; he'll see plenty of people, and accepts the same thing from others.
WIFE/HUBBY BEATER: No. If he hits someone, it's because they're having an actual physical fight - in which case he is trained to defend himself.
MARRY FOR MONEY: Perhaps, if it seemed in his best interests.
FAVORITE POSITION: Nothing specifically known - he'll try a lot of things.
WHAT WOULD HAPPEN ON THEIR DREAM DATE: No-one attacks him or tries to stab him in the back? Maybe a nice meal, a nice night with someone attractive... But the not getting stabbed bit is pretty big on his priority list.
OPINION ON SEX: Can be fun, when he's choosing it, and it's something he likes to get chances for fairly often, but there'll always be another chance, and just sex isn't worth risks if it seems there are dangers outweighing the fun.

So... yeah. A few things about him. :)


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SeekHim Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I notice you’re from Australia. I’ve always been intrigued with that place! And I love kangaroos! I’d love to visit Sydney someday!

I've found that most people here in the U.S. don't know much their own country, much less anyone else's. :(

I post prayer updates about different countries. Part of the reason is to raise awareness about what's going on in the rest of the world.

Recently I’ve started a personal initiative; if I notice someone on DA is from another country, If I've done their country I let them know.

It’s my way of letting them know that others are thinking about their home. :)

This update is about your home!


GOD bless
John 3:16
RilwenShadowflame Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
Please take yourself, your religion, and your prayers elsewhere. It's entirely possible to raise awareness about issues in countries without bringing religion into it.
I don't think you'd like to visit Australia. See, here, we find it rude to drag religion into a discussion. Religion is a private matter, and not to be waved around in conversations with people we don't know or barely know.
And I honestly find it insulting that you would list people who aren't Christian as a nation's problem alongside actual issues. Not being a Christian doesn't mean having no morals; it simply means we get our ethics from other places than the Bible.

And before you get annoyed at this response, remember that you posted on my profile, not the other way around. You're inviting any reply I care to give you.
SeekHim Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm not annouyed, just very sorry if I offended you.
I never meant to imply that people who were not Christian
were a problem or that they had no morals.

In fact I'd learned from history how badly so many have been hurt
by those who claimed to be Christians. :(
Jews, Native Americans, Australian aboriginee etc.)

In fact I personally know a few people who have been badly hurt
by church goers. I've been hurt myself on occasion, so I know that
church goers can seem hypocritical.

Normally I don't drag religion it into discussions because I'm normally
not much of a talker. Writing has become my voice. That's one reason
why I love DA I'm able to speak to others in my own way. I guess my
updates are like my poems and other works.

And the reasons I gave are still true; most people here in the U.S.
don't know much about other countries. My updates are my way of trying
to raise awareness. And by raising awareness maybe I can help in some small way.

Again I'm sorry I offended you and I ask your forgiveness.
RilwenShadowflame Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
If you really want to help, you might edit your post on Australia? We don't call them 'Aborigines' anymore. Indigenous Australians is the more acceptable term these days.
(1 Reply)
SpiffyNoodles Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the LLama ;D
Siobhan68 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! I feel so flattered! :aww:
Johanz Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011  Student Digital Artist
many thanks for watching me, I really appreciate it! :3
ColonelMarksman Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Editing was really great!
LazarusReturns Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the Fave! You obviously have great taste! Back in the middle of 2007 you were kind enough to visit my site and it's taken me this long to get through all the old messages to get to this point. I've added a lot of new Deviations since then, and opened a new Commissions Gallery at :iconlrcommissions: with even more images. Feel free to stop by again - you liked my art before, so there may be something you'll like now...
AlexIKaine Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2008
Thanks for the comment and :+fav: on "Shoot or Regret" ([link])
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