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Drow Warrior: Mazarun Zothyrr by RilwenShadowflame Drow Warrior: Mazarun Zothyrr by RilwenShadowflame
My Forgotten Realms drow character, a warrior named Mazarun Zothyrr. A teensy bit angsty and a whole lot snarky, Mazarun comes from Menzoberranzan, where he was born in House Zothyrr. He was Zothyrr Thirdboy, the fourthborn son, with the thirdborn having been sacrificed at birth.

A surface raid went wrong for him, sending him very far indeed from home with a botched teleport spell having been used on him.

Mazarun is no Drizzt. He alternately admires and loathes Drizzt for his heroic antics. I'd class Maz here as Chaotic Neutral... he can be kind or cruel, now that he has left his home.

Likes: His weapons; crossbow, shortbow, sword... and anything else he picks up. Fighting. Fresh fruit; a luxury in the Underdark, and something he loves when they're easier to get on the surface. Starlight; he saw it once, and was enraptured by it from then on.
Dislikes: Drow women, due to his mistreatment by them. Spiders; he can see them watching him and he hates it, because they always give him the sense 'She' is watching. Lloth; he does not speak her name, because he's afraid one day she'll hear him and come to punish him. Bright lights; they hurt his eyes. Loud noises; elven senses are too acute to handle some sounds easily.

I'm actually rather proud of this pic; I seem to have managed to give the pic a little depth, and colouring drow is tricky. Even if the scanner stripped some of the colour, I think it still looks good.
ZandoranCelix Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Great Job! And I love the info that goes with it!

Your art is improving vastly. I'm proud of you!
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